Inside Out In The Open includes performances of varying lengths to illustrate the art and expression of this music. Many of these performers are not well known outside of this particular music community, while others have gained more notoriety.

The essence of free jazz is expressed by so many musicians, who have given their lives to the creation of music, often at great economic sacrifice to themselves.  This commitment demonstrates the seriousness of the artistic pursuit.

Through the support of their spouses and families and other musicians, they find the means to carry on in their quest to discover more and more the sounds and musical collaborations that make this music so awesome, so emotional and so deep.

While there was limited time in this particular film for such performances, there is a wealth of recorded material available. Even as important, one should seek out live performances and festivals.

Please check the MUSIC page for a complete list of the performances in this film.

Peter Brötzmann
Baikida Carroll
Dennis Charles
In Order To Survive
Other Dimensions in Music
Glenn Spearman
John Tchicai
Reggie Workman